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Great product!

10/10 I definitely recommend.. it last for 3/4 days and the erection is hard and long lasting and it taste good.

Good product

This product is good

Herbal Erect provide a better boost than any of the other "sex products" i have used in the past.....I will continue to order Herbal Erect

I'm pleased

It was very well

Herbal Erect - Extra Strength - Ebay

Tea party

This tea gives you that extra boost.. Tastes nice too n keeps you going like an energizer bunny

Always Awesome

Well don again 👍

Really worked

I had my doubts but it definitely work, was pleased and the coffee made it enjoyable to drink.

The king

The best thing out there gonna order some more

Like a Charm

It worked like a charm just didn’t like the coffee taste.

Everyone's taste buds are different. However, please consider adding a small amount of honey to our instant drink which should help with the flavor.

Works Amazing

Works great, don't take no more then 30mins to activate and when it kicks in, it keeps you the way you want to be, for about 3 or 4 days sometimes. Will continue to buy

Needs to offer discounts/coupons.

Both of our products Herbal Erect Regular Strength or Extra Strength are sold in packs. 1, 3, 6 or 12 packs. The more you buy the cheaper the overall costs.

Great product

Really works great. I've recommended to ask my male family and friends. I've tried giving acup to a lady friend. No results, at least as far as I could tell. I still didn't get any. She went to sleep. However, for me, let's say she better bring a friend

We are glad our product Herbal Erect worked for you. However, it is not designed for women only men.

Herbal Erect - Regular Strength

Herbal Erect - Extra Strength

Works Every Time

It was on point the first time. Tried it again to see if the first time was a fluke. Conclusion. It's not a fluke. It's the real deal. No side effects. I was ready for three days.


This product definetley gets the "job done"!

It was great

A Very Good Product!

Does As Advertised! However, DO NOT EXPECT A MIRACLE if you are Morbidly Obese, suffer from Hypertension and don't take your meds, Diabetes and don't take your meds, and you HATE to exercise, drink, water, eat a good balance of Vegetables and good Fats.

Herbal Erect - Extra Strength
Christopher García

Keep me going 😊

Worth it

Herbal Erect will meet your expectations

Hi great natural product

Herbal Erect

Great product. Works as described. Had no side effects. Will definitely purchase again