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Herbal Erect - Extra Strength

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Herbal Erect is a sexual male enhancement instant drink made with several natural herbal ingredients. After consumption, the product can last within your system 24 hours to 72 hours depending on your body type.

The Extra Strength version is not intended for persons with "uncontrolled" high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, serious cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease. "Uncontrolled" means that your blood pressure levels are very abnormal with or without medication. Please consider using our Regular Strength product.

The list of Extra Strength ingredients are located on the back of the box image above and on our website on the main menu under "Ingredients".

Order contains one (1) individual serving 17 gram powder packets.

You can also increase your strength with the help of Jack3d. It's a high-energy packed pre.

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Michael Randle
Good product

This product is good

thomas hill

Herbal Erect provide a better boost than any of the other "sex products" i have used in the past.....I will continue to order Herbal Erect

Albert King
I'm pleased

It was very well

Ruben Ashford

Herbal Erect - Extra Strength - Ebay

Walter Ashley
Tea party

This tea gives you that extra boost.. Tastes nice too n keeps you going like an energizer bunny